YAG Laser for After Cataracts

Also known as Posterior Capsulotomy, the YAG laser is a surgical procedure which is sometimes necessary after cataract surgery.

What is YAG?

After cataract surgery, after some time has passed, the posterior capsule of the eye can become cloudy or wrinkles. If clouding of the posterior capsule interferes with your vision, your doctor may surgically make an opening in the capsule to restore normal sight.
YAG laser is usually painless and generally works quickly. Many people may eventually need a capsulotomy after cataract surgery, especially younger patients. The need for a capsulotomy should not cause worry, since the clouding or wrinkling is part of the body’s normal healing process in some patients.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Our doctors are able to diagnose posterior capsules, or “secondary cataracts” at your eye exam. You are able to be treated for secondary cataracts the same day if you choose.
Our technician will dilate the eye that we are performing the laser surgery on. We will also administer an anesthetic drop for your comfort before the procedure. Our doctor will then perform the YAG laser surgery through a specially designed microscope. We only treat one eye at a time, so if the procedure is to be done in both eyes, you will come back a different day to have the same procedure in your other eye. There is often no downtime with this laser procedure and many patients state that their vision is clearer afterwards.