Lid Lesions

An eyelid lesion is a growth that develops on the eyelid. Eyelid lesions can be serious tumors and cancerous growths, or they can be benign lumps and bumps. Lesions may appear for a variety of reasons, including infections, benign and malignant tumors, or structural problems with the eyelids.

How Do We Treat Lid Lesions?

If you have a suspicious lump or bump on your eyelid, schedule a consultation with us! Our doctor will evaluate the cause of the lid lesion and determine if it suspicious for cancer. If the lump is not suspicious for malignancy, we are often able to treat them right here in our office! If the lump is suspicious, we can refer you to a specialist to get the care you need.

Many benign lesions can removed right here in our office! We will numb the area of the eyelid with lidocaine and gently remove the troublesome lesion. We often send papillomas for pathology just to rule out any additional concerns. Our doctors will then instruct you on the process for taking care of the eyelid after your procedure.

Another type of lid lesion is a hordeolum, or stye. These occur due to blocked Meibomian glands that become infected. If you have a stye that is sore or bothersome, we can prescribe antibiotics to rid the infection. Once the infection is gone, sometimes a chalazion, or bump, can remain on the eyelid. We have the option of providing a Kenalog injection for patients that find this leftover bump bothersome.