Contact Lenses

How Do I Get Contacts?

At your yearly eye exam, let our technicians know that you are interested in contact lenses. We do additional testing for contact lens patients in order to measure their corneas. Once you see the doctor, he will discuss the different types of contact lenses with you and determine the correct brand and style for you.

Does Insurance Cover Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are considered elective, so insurance will not pay for the additional testing required for your diagnostic result. Some vision insurances will help cover the cost of some contact lenses, although this varies depending on your insurance and what type of contact lenses you wear, but they will not pay for the testing.

What If I Have Never Worn Contacts?

Don’t worry! Once you have a prescription, our optical staff is trained to assist you in the application and removal of your contact lenses. We will often schedule you for a “New Fit” appointment. During this appointment, we will teach you how to care for your contact lenses, when to dispose of them, and how to insert and remove them like a pro.

Your contact lens trials and “New Fit” appointment are covered under the cost of your contact lens evaluation that is paid for at the time of your exam.